Download key generator for P5AUDIO Big Studio Rock Live Multitrack Drum Loops vol.2

Bring the Big Studio to your tracks with these seriously ROCKIN Drums. Big Studio Live Multitrack Drum Loops Vol. 2 picks up the pace a little bit with some faster tempos! All drum loops were produced by Darren L. Elpant at Eggplant Studios in Los Angeles, California.

* 67 Multitrack Drum Loop Sets with nearly 600 individual loops total!

* tempos include: 95 bpm, 115 bpm, 118 bpm, 146 bpm, 200 bpm

* All of the drum parts are seperated. Drum parts include Kick, Snare Tom 1, and 2, Stereo Overhead, Stereo Room, and Stereo Reverb.

* This series features modern and vintage drums and class A mic preamps including Neve, and SSL! This is a truly professional sound.

* In the styles of bands including Linkin Park, Kings of Leon, Incubus, Greenday, Queens of the Stoneage, Foo Fighters and much more..

* Mix and produce with a new freedom!

* Loop sets are formatted in Intro, Verse, Bridge,Chrous and ending and include numerous fills.

* The organization and quality of these loops takes away the tedious part of using drum loops and makes it fun to produce!

* All tempos are provided in these Royalty FREE loops.

* This product contains slammin' DRUM SOUNDS ONLY. No other instruments are provided!

Here is a list of some of the drums used to record this series: Drums

1967 Ludwig Classic 1986 Tama Artstar II


1920*s Ludwig Pioneer*s

WFL Classic (wood)

1960*s WFL Classic (wood)

1963 Ludwig Chrome Supraphonic

2006 Ludwig Chrome Over Brass


HiHats 1960*s Zildjian A 14* and 15*

Ride 1970*s Zldjian A 20* light ride

Crashes Recent Zildjian A Custom 16, 19 Dark Crashes 2x 17*