Download key generator for NTWind Software WindowSpace 2.5.3


is a powerful desktop enhancement utility for large monitors, widescreens and multi-monitor systems. Once installed, it allows you to manipulate windows in many new amazing ways * snap windows to the screen edges and other windows, move and resize them with keyboard shortcuts, maximize vertically or horizontally, pin on top of the other windows, hide from view, minimize to tray, and it*s just the beginning!

The Snap-To-Side feature lets you to expand and maximize windows by dragging them to different edges of the screen. To trigger one of these actions, touch the corresponding edge of the screen with the mouse cursor while moving a window.

Aero Snap in Windows 7 is very convenient for the owners of widescreen monitors. WindowSpace v2.0 improves the original idea by adding some options and makes it more usable for the owners of really big monitors.

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