Download key generator for CompeGPS AIR 7.1.1

CompeGPS Air

is the software that will let you obtain the maximum efficiency and fun before, during and after your flights. The great variety of tools available in this program are the perfect complement for any flying modality (paragliding, hang-gliding, ULM, light plane, balloon, etc.).

Visualize digital maps (raster, vectorial, 3D landscapes) and manage all the necessary information for your flights over them. Create and edit your routes, calculate altitudes, distances, bearings, etc. and analyse the acquired results with the most appropriated data and statistics (speeds, thermals, polars, etc). In addition to this, the 3D mode will show you the most realistic and spectacular view of it all so you can feel like your were actually in the air.

CompeGPS is compatible with most of GPS models, so you will be able to upload the prepared information , get oriented with it in the air and download the track to re-live and analyse it in your PC.


Map viewing: * Digital map visualization in a lot of formats (see more information about maps). Map calibration so you can digitize the paper maps that you may have.

* Access to On-line maps from many countries**

* 3D landscapes from around the World freely downloadable.

* Vectorial maps viewing and editing compatible with several vectorial formats (including DXF and DWG by means of AutoCAD plugin).

* Advanced transparency system to combine the information of several maps.

* Scan maps function to visualize the borders of all maps you have available and open the best for at that moment.

Waypoints, routes and tracks management

* Creation and edition of waypoints, routes and tracks.

* Compatibility with most used formats (*.gpx, *.kmz, *.plt, *.loc...)

* Evolved graph system

* Flight book to put in order all of your trips, know your statistics and control your progression.

* Import TXT files (waypoints, tracks...)


* Direct communication (plug&play) with TwoNav Aventura, Sportiva, Evadeo and iPhone.

* Indirect communication with other GPS brands (Garmin, Magellan, etc.)

* Live navigation with the moving map mode (portable computer).

* Track, route, waypoint transfer

* Map transfer (only TwoNav)

* Map activation in TwoNav

* TwoNav software update


* Last generation 3D Viewer to work in a more spectacular and realistic way.

* Dynamic multi-window system (docked or floating)

* Data tree for better organization and open or stored files management

* Many coordinates, datum and formats

* FotoGPS to manage trip photos on map

* Available languages: English, Español, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Português, Català, Arabic, Euskara, Turkish, Suomi, Hebrew and Galego

Air tools

* Aerial sports' specific data and statistics (Collision distance, thermals analysis, speed to fly, Altitude over Ground Level, etc.)

* OLC Optimization (On Line Contest).

* Polar system so you can create your aircraft polar and improve your efficiency.