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ASPRunner Professional

- Professional tool for database management, providing easy access and manipulation possibilities for any database on the Internet. Designed for all users, from beginners to experienced developers, ASPRunnerPro creates ASP-page, allowing users to a website to search, edit, delete and add data to the database Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, DB2, or MySQL. Using generated ASP pages users can search, add, edit and delete information from a database using the browser. With this program you can enhance the functionality of its website, creating a reliable and easily modified ASP-code. The program has clear and easy to use user interface.

Features: - Easy to use wizard-like interface.

- Generates 100% pure ASP code.

- Numerous search modes.

- Add, view, edit, copy and delete pages.

- Built-in FTP Client to upload ASP pages to the Web server.

- User self-register page, password reminder, change password pages.

- Multilingual templates. Ability to choose language while logging in.

- Creates password protected ASP pages.

Benefits: - Can save you time and money.

- Improve functionality of your web site.

- Create robust, easy to modify code.

- Easy to use, you can generate your first ASP pages in just ten minutes.

- No programming required.

What ASPRunner Professional can do for you: - Collect user's information.

- Phone / address book.

- News articles.

- Products listing.

- Web-based database searching & data entry.

- Web-based reporting.

- Members only password protected web sites.