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Garritan GigaHarp (GIGA) | 476MB

The instrument of heaven and angels, Garritan Giga Harp has arrived! Every string of a Salvi Pedal Harp has been sampled in stereo with four attacks/velocities per string, two harmonics per string and hand-dampening and muffling. Each pluck in Garritan Giga Harp was recorded in 24-bit resolution using Neumann microphones and Neve preamps, capturing the full duration of each string's natural decay. This is the only way to experience the magic of the acoustic harp -- exclusively for Gigasampler! (Requires 128MB system RAM)

A Melodic Harp 1

B Melodic Harp 2

C Glissando Harp 1

D Glissando Harp 2

E Damped Melodic Harp

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