Download key generator for Colour-Science Image Editor 3.01.02

The Colour-Science Image Editor

is used to produce the best possible print quality on any digital printer. Two main features assure high print quality. The Colour-Science Color Management combined with our excellent i2e image enhancement. The Image Editor is designed for very fast work. You work much faster with Image Editor then with traditional software like Photoshop or similar. Images are already precorrected and all additional correction and image saving can be made very fast with the minimum of human movements possible. So corrections can be made using the mouse-wheel over different image parts and saving is made using the right mouse button.

The automatic i2e precorrection includes: * automatic color enhancement (ACE)

* automatic contrast enhancement (ABE1)

* automatic density (gamma) correction (ABE2)

* local brightness enhancement in the shadows and highlights (SHE)

* memory color enhancement of skin-, sky- and vegetation colors (MCE)

* advanced unsharp masking and local sharpness enhancement technology (LSE)

* automatic red eye removal (RER)