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Reset Windows Passwd - best professional program to reset, change recover passwds f all types of user accounts Windows.

Now, if you fgot your passwd and can not log into your account - no need to delve into the files from the other operating system and even me so to fmat the hard drive. All you need to do - use the Reset Windows Passwd and a passwd. The image burnt on a standard CD, there is suppt f all types of accounts f all versions of Windows: user, administrat, accounts Active Directy and domains, almost instantly recovers passwds f the accounts, there are Russian interfeys.Reset Windows Passwd required f loss of the administrat's passwd if I fget my passwd to log on Windows, it is not possible to activate your account. The program is loaded from a bootable CD USB drive. The application interface is in the fm wizard. Therefe, the process of operation does not seem difficult, even inexperienced users.

Unlike other similar utilities, Reset Windows Passwd - the only program that wks crectly with all types of user accounts Windows.

Features Reset Windows Passwd: - Simple, intuitive graphical interface.

- Reset and change passwds of local users and administrats, administrats of the domain user accounts, account DSRM.

- Enable and unlock user accounts.

- Turn off the option to passwd expiration.

- Advanced algithms f finding the passwd.

- Suppt f all versions of Windows, including Windows 7.

- Suppts Windows (X64).

- Boot from a bootable CD USB drive.

- Large collection of IDE, SATA, SCSI, RAID drivers.

- Detects multiple operating systems installed on your computer.

- Allows you to undo changes made to the system.

- Removes passwds and other sensitive data from your computer.

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