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Eastwest Percussive Adventures 2 LE 1.0 VSTi DXi AU HYBRiD

THE LEGEND: Percussive Adventures 1 was a huge success and a Keyboard magazine KEY BUY AWARD winner! This is the iginal go to must have library of extended perfmances used by countless big name film and TV composers not to mention remixers and electronica maniacs and is legendary in the scing wld. Now the long awaited sequel is here! PERCUSSIVE ADVENTURES 2 LE expands the bders of the iginal in depth, detail and creativity. If youve experienced Percussive Adventures 1 you will be blown away with this sequel.

DRIVING FORCE: Created, perfmed and produced by the overactive minds and hands of KURT WORTMAN and TONY HUMECKE, well recognized f their unique nalkxava sensibilities as drummers, percussionists and composers, and the maj fce behind Percussive Adventures 1.

WORLDS COLLIDE: PA2 where wlds collide. Kurt and Tony have a passion f bending and blending ganic and twisted electronic sound sources into new streams of kinetic energy. Their combined experience and talent f scing is what makes their compositional gems stand apart from all the rest. Make no mistake nalkxava rulz. PERCUSSIVE ADVENTURES 2 will be the next go-to-must-have library f a long time to come.

VERSATILITY: PA2 stands in a class of its own. The versatility of PA2 is multiplied tenfold from its predecess by its meticulous and much deeper use of construction layers. Staying true to the entire piece youll find all the bits and pieces to design your own unique composition any way you want it. And when you breed one piece with another you will discover the true versatility of this collection.

ANY TEMPO: Sync to your host sequencer at ANY TEMPO YOU WANT! Tempo is no longer that annoying problem with the BEATMACHINE and TIMEMACHINE functions dialed in f each layer you can go where you want fast!.

THE BIG SECRET: Unlike any other products out today, PA2 goes further with lengthy and evolving rhythmic terrains. All edited into loop segments, alternate mixes and completely isolated layers.