Download key generator for Ant Traffic Simulator for 3ds Max 2010.2011

Ant Traffic Simulator script allows you to rig and animate vehicles to your scene with just a few mouse clicks and it will drastically reduce the time necessary for vehicle animation in visualization scenes.

Select your vehicle and press one button to rig it. Select the path to follow and press a button to have your vehicles following it with proper wheel rotation and steering. Choose the terrain you want to be followed and with couple clicks your vehicles will follow it!

Check the features list below to see how Ant Traffic Simulator script will help you reduce the time spent setting vehicle animations: * Automatic vehicle rigging for multiple vehicle styles

* Automatic secondary motion

* Path following with proper wheel rotation and steering

* Terrain following

* Automatic looping on the path for continuous animation

* Vehicle speed setting in Miles per Hour

* Traffic setup with random vehicle placement on chosen paths

* One click traffic randomization

* Animated path switching to simulate lane changes

* One click vehicle stops with easing in and out

* Quick selection buttons for rigs and vehicle objects

* Cars per hour calculator for realistic traffic simulation

The package includes the tutorials