Download key generator for Vienna Symphonic Library Tenor Saxophone

The classical Swing big-band ensemble includes 5 saxophones: 2 Alto, 2 Tenor and 1 Baritone saxophone. The transposing Tenor saxophone in Bb covers the middle range. Its sound can be very raw and *dirty*. Stan Getz is one of a large number of well-known players of this instrument.

The musician for all the instruments, Robert Bernhard, plays in illustrious circles. His experience in orchestral music is as profound as his improvisations in jazz, funk and blues. He has captured all the nuances of the Selmer Mark VI series instruments (reissues of the famous vintage saxes of the Sixties) * from sensitive to aggressive, from whispering to screaming, exploiting the full dynamic range of these instruments.


- Sustained without vibrato - edited for vibrato with Modwheel

- Fortepiano, sforzato, pfp 3 sec

- The whole instrument is used with a single interface

- Works at a single midi channel

- Flutter tonguing crescendo

- Trills half and whole tone

- Legato normal, and fast

- Performance repetitions legato, portato, staccato

- 23 IR Samples included

Notes: To switch the articulations, use MAPPED KEYS,