Download key generator for Lex Live CDandUSB RamBoot

Lex Live CD & USB RamBoot Full Multimedia 2011 - this is an emergency operating system that boots from the CD-ROM or a USB device into the RAM on your PC. Thus, Danae system can work even if you have a non hard drive, or he is absent ...

Lex Live CD & USB RamBoot Full Multimedia 2011 has a sufficient amount of installed software to view the contents of your hard drive, or connect to the network and make all necessary action on the machine to restore the system or other problems. You can watch a movie, listen to music, go on the Internet.

Contents: * Antivirus (Kaspersky, DrWeb, NOD, AVZ)

* Drivers (SCSI / SATA / RAID / IDE, Sound, Video, LAN, Wi-Fi)

* HDD Utility

* Data recovery

* CD, DVD Utilities

* Internet and Network

* Archivers

* Passwords

* Office

* System software

* Tests

* Encryption

* Copy the file NTDETECT.COM the root of the stick.

* Add to your menu.lst


chainloader / ILEX / SETUPLDR.BIN

The option to add Lex Live at boot does not stick to: * Stick must be formatted utility FormatTool.exe (I recommend NTFS). If the flash drive is already formatted and has data on it - can not format it, and go to step 2.

* The contents of the folder \ LXusb \ Copy - copy the root of the stick.

* Run the utility BOOTICE.EXE - select flash - set the MBR (GRUB4DOS) and PBR (GRUB4DOS).

How to boot from this disk: To boot from the CD / DVD or USB-Flash/USB-HDD necessary when the computer boots from the boot menu to select the appropriate media. This can be done either in the BiOS, either in the menu Quick Boot / called at the time of initialization BiOS, usually on the keys Esc, F11, F12, F8 - see hint or instructions. USB-Flash Quick Boot often hidden in a submenu HDD (bootable flash drive is perceived as a boot screw). If you have several options to boot from USB drive (USB-FDD, USB-ZipDrive, USB-HDD) - select USB-HDD.

Changed: -Updating anti-virus panels and bases of 31 December 2010

Fixed-network (VPN, WI-FI)

Anti-Virus in a separate WIM.

-Easy to install on USB

-Added a video view