Download key generator for Video Helper

Our library is designed as a set of tools that not only makes your work stand out, but offers tons of unique features that we, as producers, always wanted to see in production music. Click on the waveform graphic for specifics.

But what we don’t do is equally important. For example, we won’t waste your time replicating what’s already out there. If you need twenty discs full of polkas, Sousa marches, or Bolivian Fertility Dances, we strongly suggest you go to one of those 1,000-disc ultra-colossal libraries. We also don’t clog our library with multiple, often irrelevant, cutdowns, “kazoo-only” mixes and the like.

With so much music already out there, we have get to the point – and do it in a way that gives you maximum flexibility. And with over 2,600 different titles, chances are you’ll find the perfect match for your production.

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to the sample tracks we’ve put up on this page and be prepared to learn why VideoHelper has been called “insouciant, obsequious, and oblate with hints of persimmon” by Wine Seller Weekly.