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Muvizu 3D August 2010 Beta releas description

Size : 500.25MB

Muvizu 3D allows you to make animated videos without fancy equipment and years of training. Brainstorm in the community areas. Use our script editing tool to write your screenplay or drama. Upload images or storyboards. Store all your work - whether video, audio, written or artwork - in your portfolio. Collaborate: Find the people you need for your movie, from film editors to location scouts. Build up your crew and co-ordinate tasks in your the community sections. Communicate with your team by private message or forum notifications. Exhibit: If youve got it, flaunt it. Use our platform to give your creative work a wider audience.

Whats new in this version: Version August 2010 Beta release features: Moving

Cameras; Object Grouping; Cue Points; "Dog" Character; Various Objects; Various Pre-Built Sets.