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Ashampoo Burning Studio Collection Includes Tools, Templates, Portable

Size : 1.0 Gb

Ashampoo Burning Studio - a full-featured CD recording. Ashampoo Burning Studio allows you to create projects and record CD / DVD (including MP3-CD, VCD, S-VCD, and Blu-ray). Program Ashampoo Burning Studio supports long filenames (127 characters for the DVD and Blu-ray, and 64 characters for CD), automatic configuration settings, saving and loading project, the creation of images, easy management of files using Drag & Drop and much more. Like other products Ashampoo, thisapplication is aimed at casual users and supports more than 1700 different recording devices, including CD, DVD and Blu-ray recorders.

Contents: * Ashampoo Burning Studio 7.32 Final

* Ashampoo Burning Studio 8.09 Final

* Ashampoo Burning Studio 9.21 Final

* Ashampoo Burning Studio 10.0.4 Final

* Ashampoo Burning Studio Elements 10.0.4 Final

* Ashampoo Movie Menu 1.0.1

* Ashampoo Cover Studio 2.20 Final

* Ashampoo DVD Theme Pack 1.20

* Ashampoo Burning Studio 9 Theme Pack 1.00

* Ashampoo Burning Studio 1910 Theme Pack 1.00

* Portable Ashampoo Burning Studio 7.32 Final

* Portable Ashampoo Burning Studio 8.09 Final

* Portable Ashampoo Burning Studio 9.21 Final

* Portable Ashampoo Burning Studio 10.0.4 Final

* Portable Ashampoo Burning Studio Elements 10.0.4 Final

* Portable Ashampoo Movie Menu 1.0.1

* Portable Ashampoo Cover Studio 2.2.0 Final

Ashampoo Burning Studio Elements - a program through which you can burn music, video and data - quickly and efficiently. Software with an intuitive user interface offers you a compact function to perform all tasks related to your writing projects - easily create data discs, records backup, music ripping, creates audio CDs or records already existing film files to Blu -ray. With Ashampoo Burning Studio Elements You can also record HD - and full HD discs (720p and 1080p), if the existing files were retained in the finished folder. Audio discs can also be effectively and conveniently Rippowan with thissoftware. Integrated music player lets you play audio and CD itself, so you can not open another music player to listen to music titles. Ashampoo Burning StudioElements in an instant to help develop and print the cover, labels and leaflets in different formats. Record CD, DVD and Blu-ray Discs quickly and easily!

Ashampoo Movie Menu - a program designed to create navigation menus for multimedia, demo disks, portable applications collections ... When you put a commercial CD with the program, hell automatically start with a graphical menu that allows you to make a choice: install the program, displaying a web page, view the documentation or information material, and so on. The creation of such discs and menus by hand - a lot of work and requires programming skills - and even if you have the skills it takes much time.

Ashampoo Cover Studio - A new program from the famous German developer, which allows you to create covers for your CDs. With this tool you can create covers for their CDs for a small period of time than you would have done manually. It supports all modern formats packages CD / DVD, as well as the latest printer with direct printing on the disc. Of the features of the program is to provide support for all types of standard CD-ROM drive, use templates skins, which you only need to enter your text / image data, create their own cover design and much more. Ashampoo Cover Studio contains many themes and templates, professional level, can import list data or music tracks from the disc on the cover, as well as work on most modern printers that provide printing directly onto the disc. Convenient and user-friendly interface is understandable as advanced users and beginners.

Ashampoo Theme Pack - these are additional menu templates, skins, labels, etc. for Ashampoo Burning Studio.

Year: 2006-2010

Developer: Ashampoo

Compatibility with Vista / 7: yes

Language: Multilingual

Medicine: Yes