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Helicon Ape

is Apache emulator for Microsoft IIS. It literally implements Apache configuration model (like .htaccess and httpd.conf files) and all most demanded Apache modules in a single IIS add-on, not only making IIS compatible with Apache, but also extending it*s functionality by a number of highly essential features. You can check all currently available modules in the compatibility chart (the list is growing with new builds).

Features: Apache compatible URL rewriting with maps and database support, user authentication and file access control with .htpasswd file or database, on-fly content changing, advanced server and client side caching and HTTP compression for best performance, forward and reverse proxy with cache and compression features, hotlink protection and SEO modules plus many other low level web server control features.

Helicon Ape

is implemented as managed IIS7 module, but can be installed as .NET module on any ASP.NET-compatible IIS version as well. It works transparently for both server and client and can even be installed on a shared hosting account without administrative access.

Helicon Ape offers


* modification-free transition of Apache web sites to IIS;

* easy configuration of PHP and other Unix-oriented Web applications for IIS;

* powerful, fully Apache-compatible URL rewriting syntax * no rules redesign is necessary.


* user-friendly manager * configuration editing, syntax highlighting, help, testing utility in one place;

* plain text configurations * no XML;

* per-site installation without hosting administration participation;

* on-the-fly links, headers and HTML body modification.


* customizable user authentication/authorization settings;

* comprehensive protection from DoS attacks and hotlinking (content leeching);

* all-round web request debugging with HTTP-level web developer toolset.


* full-fledged reverse and forward proxy functionality;

* drastic server speed-up due to finely adjustable compression and cache functions.