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XLN Audio ADpak Funk Hybrid CD-AiRISO (Addictive Drums addon)
The Funk* ADpak* for* Addictive* Drums, focusing on contemporary funk* beats and sounds, lays down the groove and lets you produce hot funky music in no time.

Feel the Funk!
Included is a brand new Pearl Reference Series Drumkit, complete with* cymbals* and extras, over 400 MIDI beats and grooves and 30 crisp* production presets. Recorded both with close mics and with room* mics* in* a* big* studio* room, you can go from a tight dry sound to big and loud in just a few seconds.

Pearl Reference Series Drumkit
The* Pearl* Reference Series Drumkit is a piece of masterwork. To perfect* the* sound* Pearl* engineered* and* designed* each* drum individually.* Depending on size and depth, each drum has its own uniqe* thickness and combination of wood types for ultimate sound and* resonance. The* result is one of the best sounding drumkits on* the market. With rich, full attack and great tone these drums sit well in almost any mix.

We* have* combined* the* Pearl* kit* with* a setup of some of the finest* cymbals* on* the* market from Sabian and Paiste. The full kit* consists* of a 22" thumpy bass drum, a 14" smacky snare drum with* the* thickest body we have ever seen and four tom toms from 10"* down* to 16". In addition to this you get three crashes, two Sabian* and* one* Paiste, a 13" Paiste hihat, the first 13" hihat in* Addictive* Drums,* and* a* nice* dry Sabian Artisan 22" Ride.

High Quality Sampling
When* sampling* drums* and cymbals there is no room for shortcuts or* compromises. Everything is done with great care and precision to assure the highest possible quality.
We* work with high quality kits in professional recording studios with* the* best* gear we can find. The Funk ADpak was recorded in Studios* 301* in Stockholm, Sweden using Neumann, Telefunken, AKG and* AEA* microphones through Universal Audio preamps. The studio room* in* Studios* 301* has* excellent acoustics and considerable size* which* provides impressive natural room reverb. All samples are* meticulously* edited* and* tweaked during the editing phase, ensuring realism, variation and a natural response.

30+ Production Presets
Get* instant* funk* action* with* the included production presets tweaked* by a professional studio engineer. Go from tight to big, fat* to* thin,* high* to* low* in* just* a* couple of clicks. The different* preset* categories are: Clean, Roomy, Tight, Natural w Comp* and* Effected.* Either* use the presets as they are or edit them the way you like. You are in control!

MIDI Grooves & Fills
The* Funk* ADpak* comes* with* more* than* 400* MIDI* grooves* in contemporary* style* and* a* wide* range of tempos and feels. All MIDI* files* in* Funk* were* recorded* live* by a drummer for the ultimate* live feel. The Master Funk Grooves are long MIDI files, up* to* 32* bars* divided* into Verse, Bridge, Chorus and Middle ready** to** be** dragged* and* dropped* into* your* arrangments.
The* Funk* Beats* come* in* both straight and swing feel and have lots* of* variations* like 16th hihat, 8th hihat, 4th hihat, ride variations,* sidestick* variations* and more. Also included are a total* of* 60* funk* fills in different tempos and four different lengths.

Platform: PC/MAC