Download key generator for Propellerhead Reason Electric Bass 24 Bit REFiLL DVDR

Propellerhead Reason Electric Bass 24 Bit REFiLL DVDR

The Reason Electric Bass ReFill puts eight fully playable electric bass guitars into your Reason rack. Featuring selectable basses and bass rigs plus a wide selection of music style patches, this ReFill lets you add dynamic, natural sounding bass lines to your productions.

ReFill Features

Preset patches: These are the basic, instrument specific Combinator patches for various mic/amp combinations.

Producer patches: Producer-made, mix-ready bass sounds.

Style patches: Ready-made patches styled for different types of music: * Pop

* Rock

* Funk/Disco

* Reggae

* Electronic

* Hip hop/RnB

Template patches: Empty, pre-routed patches for building advanced bass/amp/mic combos. Using these as a starting point, you can build your own sounds using every thinkable (and most likely some unthinkable too) combination of instrument, microphones and amplification.

Effect patches: Stomp box type bass effects that make full use of Reasons effects and routing powers. Most of the effect patches make use of Reasons combinator device to give you a complex set of effects and routings by loading a single patch.