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SPSS 16 Full | 192MB

SPSS is a suite of products for statistical analysis and data management. It enables analysts and researchers to access, prepare, manage, analyze, and report on data in order to solve business and research problems in the context of the analytical process.
It is also the name of the company (SPSS Inc.) that sells it.
Features include:
• Sort and aggregate data inside the database prior to its retrieval for analysis
• Open multiple XML models created by SPSS, Clementine, or AnswerTree and score new data
• Filter large amounts of irrelevant data to obtain only features relevant for modeling with the Predictor Selection algorithm
• Predict classification of cases by treating each variable as independent and equal by using the Na*ve Bayes algorithm
• Reduce network traffic and improve performance with the data-free client feature. Your administrator can confine user-viewing rights to the data dictionary only, while allowing users to conduct all data preparation and analysis from the Data Editor. Users can view, manipulate, and deploy output through the Output Viewer.
• Process large data preparation or analysis tasks when using the SPSS Batch Facility (SPSSB). It’s suited for when server use is low—such as overnight.