Download key generator for Black XP 44 Ultra Public Release

Black XP 44 Ultra Public Release [Original] | 4.1GB

General Information: Type........................: OS

Platform...................: Windows XP SP 3

More Info.................: NA

Image Format...........: .iso

Image Created with...: Nero

Burn Tested..............: Yes

Disc Required............: Requires Single Layer DVD+/- R

Changelog: New Update pack: XP SP3 Update Pack 12.09-03

Credit: UpdatePack is based on the work of the RyanVM UpdatePack. This update pack consists of High Priority updates and a few extra goodies.

Do not integrate with any other update pack.

If you used nLite to integrate the pack and are having problems, PLEASE read this thread before reporting problems.

Use RVM Integrator for XP Home sources.

Known Issues

setuperr.log reports the following error: Error: Setup could not register the OLE Control C:\WINDOWS\system32\blastcln.exe because of the following error: Unknown returned error 0 (0).

blastcln.exe is made obsolete by the Malicious Software Removal Tool.

Malicious Software Removal Tool is not included but the version key is in there to hide it but does not always work, Windows Update may display it and will probably show a much older version. This is a server-side issue with how MS determines whether or not it's installed.

Changelog: 12.09-03

- Added KB971513.



- Added KB955759.

- Added KB970430.

- Added KB971737.

- Added KB973904.

- Added KB974318.

- Added KB974392.

- Added KB976325. Replaces KB974455.

- Updated Malicious Software Removal Tool version key to version 3.2 (December 2009).


- Added KB973687. Replaces KB954459 & KB955069.

- Added KB976098. Replaces KB970653.

- November 2009 Root Certificate update


- Added KB969084. Replaces KB956744.

- Added KB969947. Replaces KB968537.

- Updated Malicious Software Removal Tool version key to version 3.1 (November 2009).


New Windows Sidebar By Ricktendo 64 Dec 18 2009

Microsoft .NET Framework V3.5 SP1 FULL 1.07 20091020

Since people are not like me IE they don't do a new windows Install every week, I will only have apps that are all pre regged or pre cracked,

no more 30 day trial.

Paintshop Pro 12.50 Pre cracked by Kirk

PaintShop Pro Update Added: PSP12501_EN-FR-DE-ES-IT-NL.msp

Internet Download Manager 5.18 Build 5 pre cracked. By crisis

Only including Zone Alarm Pro as ESET and kaspersky if pre patched will be Blacklisted within the week.

All pass Pre regged.

All Apps updated to newest version.

Boot Disk updated with Active Boot Disk Live OS 5.05