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Geomagic Qualify enables fast, accurate, graphical comparisons between digital reference models (CAD models or scanned physical models) and as-built parts for first-article inspection, production inspection and supplier quality management. A comprehensive report generator integrates multiple views including 2D and 3D dimensions, cross sections and GD&T callouts, as well as charts and tables in a variety of formats.

Geomagic Qualify Features and Specifications

Scan and align

* Collect point and polygon data from all major 3D scanners, digitizers and hard-probing devices

* Perform inspections with both ordered and unordered data

* Compare as built objects to a CAD model or an average of several scanned models

* Align models using your method of choice (datums, features, reference point system, 3-2-1 or best fit)

* Save, load and apply alignment methods for automated and repeatable inspection


* Generate 3D color-mapped models to illustrate deviations over an entire part

* Define and modify the color spectrum including segmented color spectrums

* Create Go/No Go graphical reports for easy to read analysis

* Generate deviation whisker plots of model cross sections


* Create 2D and 3D dimensions on cross-sections and selected regions

* Detect and inspect geometrical features such as spheres, planes, cones, cylinders, slots, holes and points

* Calculate size, analyze fit, compare 2D and 3D features, measure point-to-point and feature-to-feature distances and angles

* Create and evaluate GD&T callouts with full control over report display

* Perform industry-specific analyses such as Gap & Flush


* Automatically generate inspection reports in HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel formats

* Output reports as XML for use with external report engines

* Export CSV and Unicode data for trend analysis and SPC


* Automate the inspection process from alignment to the generation of inspection reports

* Record steps in the inspection process to inspect multiple parts automatically

* Define macros for automating repetitive tasks

* Repeat, reuse, migrate and adapt existing inspection processes with Automation Designer

* Use a single reference model to perform multiple automated inspections with different steps and options

Geomagic Blade Module (Optional)

* Perform turbine blade alignment using point and line targets that simulate edge-to-pin contact

* Analyze complex turbine blade geometry

* Perform turbine blade 2D twist analysis

* Analyze complicated internal blade geometry