Download key generator for NextLimit RealFlow with RenderKit 2.0

Among the possibilities RealFlow - rendering the dynamic behavior of particles, liquid, solid and soft bodies and their interaction with water and with each other. The program gives you the flexibility to manage the water drops and melting, to determine the depth of the sea, on which depends the size of the waves, sending an object to float downstream, add animated objects to the cameras and more. The algorithm uses calculations RealFlow physical dynamics equations of fluid mechanics and has a unique feature - simulations of the particles can interact with each other. As the particles are used metabolly - elements, "sleepy" with each other at short distances with the formation of a turning surface, which is the end result of calculations. Using RealFlow can not only cheat the dynamics of gases, liquids, fluids of different viscosity and elastic materials, but also to simulate, for example, scattered galaxy. At the same time, developers have found a good balance between the realism of the results and computation time at a relatively low system requirements for hardware.

Year: 2010

Developer: NextLimit

Platform: Windows x32/x64

Compatibility with Vista: complete

Language: English only

Medicine: Present

System requirements: * Windows XP, Vista, 7 or Windows Server 2008.

* 2 GHz Intel * Pentium * 4protsessor, Athlon 64 AMD or later.

* 2GB RAM minimum. 4GB RAM recommended.

* Video card supporting OpenGL *.

* 400 MB free disk space.

* 3 button mouse