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Realtime Landscaping Plus 5.04 & Architect 2.06.

1) Realtime Landscaping Plus 5.04

Realtime Landscaping PRO is a highly functional landscaping software Plus version. PRO adds the features necessary to design, visualize, and implement neat water features for recreation or beauty, as well as sprinkler systems. Realtime Landscaping PRO features functional tools in surprisingly easy landscaping software.Version 5 also has over 200 new accessories, which bring the total number of 3D objects to 7,600, including 3,600 plants and now 1,200 accessories.

Never resting on their laurels, IDEA Spectrum has been busy over the last year improving and adding exciting new features to their Landscaping Software. The result is Realtime Landscaping PLUS 5. We truly were amazed at how easy this software was to learn, and the landscapes we created were vivid, precise, and fun to roam around in.

Standout Features

Integrated 3D Modeling Tools - Make your own plants, furniture and more!

Advanced Lighting and Rendering

Impressionistic Rendering Styles

Easily transfer landscaping projects to other computers with the new Archive tool

Unicode Support for added language localization and foreign currency symbols

3D Nav Wheel to help new users easily navigate the 3D environment

Improved SketchUp Support lets you import complex 3D models while preserving properties like textures, colors and more

3D Panorama views can be done with a few clicks of the mouse, and really help slower computers showcase your designs

Improved help system, and tons of online help including new video tutorials

IDEA Spectrum also offers Realtime Landscaping PRO, which is an upgrade and gives you the ability to add sprinkler systems, fountains, waterfalls, custom swimming pools (above and below ground), spas, ponds, streams, and more. Realtime Landscaping PRO also includes PebbleTec custom pool finishes, for the ultimate in realistic pool creation, and boasts an impressive 800 more objects than the PLUS version, 400 of which are plants alone.

Ease of Use: Last years review knocked Realtime Landscaping PLUS for not having "all the extra bells and whistles" of a competitors product. While technically true it was a little misleading, and we noted that Realtime Landscaping Plus had it where it counts.

It still does, and IDEA Spectrum has made us eat our words about bells and whistles. They have managed to add a boatload of new features to Realtime Landscaping PLUS 5 and still keep the same easy and dare we say, fun interface. Well reuse some of last years corny copy, because it still rings true: Realtime Landscaping PLUS 5 is as easy as one two three, and as pretty as a picture. In no other software we tested could we create such staggeringly beautiful designs in so little time. It costs slightly more than the rest, but in our opinion its more than worth it.

Like the name implies, everything is done realtime and in 3D. Even on our slower systems, Realtime Landscaping PLUS ran surprisingly fast, and rendering times were many times less and still produced a much smoother video than competing software.

Features & Tools: Some software companies, regardless of their market, seem to "pile on" feature after feature after feature, resulting in complicated and unwieldy interfaces that hide core functionality and useful extras. IDEA Spectrum cleverly packed Realtime Landscaping PLUS 5 with over 200 more 3D accessories and over 20 new features, and still kept their software still infinitely simple, with the most desirable tools for both novice and pro alike front and center.

Last years version of Realtime Landscaping PLUS made it clear that additional 3D objects were free and a few clicks away in Googles 3D Warehouse. We took advantage of that and made several "serious" landscape projects, but also made some fun ones featuring spaceships, sci-fi battle tanks and more. Many design products allow importing of 3D objects, but a lot of novice users havent the slightest clue where to obtain them. We had a great time downloading models and tossing them into the 3D playground. For professionals, the ability to grab free, high quality models can help impress the most distinguishing clients.

If for some reason Google doesnt have a 3D model you like, you can import a picture using the Import Photo Wizard, or IDEA Spectrum would even create a model for you for a reasonable fee. This year Realtime Landscaping PLUS 5 has an integrated set of 3D modeling tools that are surprisingly easy to use. Even if you find the process confusing, IDEA Spectrum has easy to follow tutorials to help you get started.

Anyone familiar with photo editing and illustration programs is also familiar with the concept of layers, and while other programs can divide up the design into nicely layered chunks, it can be a pain to set it up. Realtime Landscaping PLUS makes it a snap to add, modify, and delete layers at will.

Whether you have a large yard with multiple acres to landscape, or the smallest lot your citys zoning ordinances will allow, you need the ability to add rows of various plants easily, without having to tediously add one at a time. Version 5 now has convenient Plant Fill and Plant Row tools, for adding multiple plant varieties to an area. The Plant Row tool lets you add rows of trees along a driveway or property boundary, flowers along edging, and more.

When editing images or even home videos, you can often apply artistic styles to make them resemble real world art. Realtime Landscaping PLUS 5 can do the same, unleashing your inner Monet with impressionistic rendering styles, and other effects like watercolor and colored pencil.

We were not able to intricately describe each feature that this software package has to offer, so youll just have to do the hands on experience and see for yourself.

Support & Documentation: IDEA Spectrum has all the standard support and documentation, including a paper quick start guide, application help, phone and email support, and a 30-day money back guarantee. With such a slick interface, help is likely unnecessary, but that didnt stop IDEA Spectrum from improving their context-sensitive help system.

One example is the implementation of unique symbols for mouse and keyboard actions that make it easy to see "at a glance" what various tools are and what they do.

Another year has gone by, and were still gushing over Realtime Landscaping PLUS. Sometimes a software company will make a great product and stop there, afraid to try new things and even disregard customer feedback. Its clear this is not the case with IDEA Spectrum. They pushed forward and are constantly making complex tasks and processes simple. Will you use every single feature in this software? We think you will, since its so easy to get lost in it for hours.

Summary: If you need a ton of extra features that you may never use, Realtime Landscaping PLUS isnt for you, but whether youre a pro landscaper or a novice looking to increase your home value through landscaping, youll use every one of Realtime Landscaping PLUSs features because its easy and fun. We encourage you to look into the other Landscaping Software packages that we reviewed for more information.

For additional flexibility in creating water features and sprinkler systems, consider Realtime Landscaping PRO, also from IDEA Spectrum.

Realtime Landscaping Pro Review

Realtime Landscaping PRO manages to impress with its number and variety of features without overdoing it. Youll find more landscaping objects than you could want, but not so many you dont know what to do with them. IDEA Spectrum makes it easy for novice users to simply import any additional accessories in model or photo formats.

Customizable objects and settings are easy enough to master with practice, but wont get in the way of beginners. This landscaping software contains the right tools for professional landscapers and home