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about: A professional set of universal solutions for Microsoft Visual Studio, which provides a full set of innovative tools simplify development of mobile, desktop and web-applications.

The American company ComponentOne LLC was founded in 1988: with headquarters located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Software solutions and ready-made components aimed at programmers working in Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Studio. NET, Borland C # Builder and Delphi for. NET, received wide publicity and helped ComponentOne LLC to occupy a leading position in the market similar obespecheniya.Kompleksnye software solutions developed by ComponentOne LLC is actively used by Fortune 500 companies, including such giants as ABC, ALCOA, Boeing, Disney, Ernst & Young, Ford, Gartner, General Motors, Hewlett Packard, Honeywell and many others.

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2010.1, provides you with the best set of solutions, based on the latest cutting edge technology, which offers a full set of controls for WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, Silverlight and the iPhone; improve the product, a means of building CSS-themes, and more another. With this package you can edit your Xhtml-documents and records relating to Windows Forms; create rounded corners in your web-applications, generate PDF-documents for Silverlight; add lists in alphabetical order on your web-page on your iPhone; and much more. Intuitive interface and easy to use, but powerful tools that make Studio Enterpruse the easiest to use client control Microsoft Visual Studio on the market.

New Componentone Studio Enterprise 2010.7: - Decision Studio for ASP.NET has been completely redesigned on the basis of the new structure "A2" Framework and renamed Studio for ASP.NET AJAX. This new version includes integration with jQuery, support DynamicData 4.0, a new viewer reports ReportViewer, measuring scale, and so on.

- The packages WinForms and ASP.NET AJAX adds new line and radial controls.

- The FlexGrid Chart for WinForms and added a few improvements. FlexGrid now allows you to include filters, as in Excel, a new concentric type of diagram (a pyramid of disks), and so

- Studio for WPF now includes controls from Silverlight, as Scheduler, DateTimePicker, TimeEditor, DockControl, TabControl, and Window. Version also includes a means of improving the efficiency of the grouping and sorting in the Grid for WPF to the built-in scroll bars along the axes, the set of diagrams, and realistic limits of the axes in the Chart for WPF.

- Improvements DataGrid for Silverlight includes virtualization columns, support for auto sizing and detailed sizing series, and seriously optimized rendering engine for better performance.

- A new version of Studio for Active X 64-bit!

- Studio for iPhone supports the latest smartphones, including the Android OS, Droid, Nexus One, as well as Palm Pre and Opera Mini.

- Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Videos explaining the work with the package Componentone Studio Enterprise 2010.1 can be found here:

In part Componentone Studio Enterprise 2010.1: Studio for WinForms

Studio for WPF

Studio for ASP.NET AJAX

Studio for Silverlight

Studio for iPhone

Studio for Mobile

Studio for ActiveX

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Language: English

File format: rar

Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / Seven

System Requirements: Visual studio 2010/2008, Net 4.0/3.5/3.0