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Sheetworks Amada With Solid Works (7.2010) | 450MB

SHEETWORKS FOR UNFOLD, developed jointly by AMADA and SOLIDWORKS Corp., A three-dimensional module, working in an environment SOLIDWORKS. The module receives SHEETWORKS sweep through three-dimensional solid model created in the environment SOLIDWORKS or another for three-dimensional CAD solid proektirovaniya.V list of programs, models are freely recognized SHEETWORKS, includes such well-known applications like: PRO-ENGINEER, CATIA, UNIGRAPHICS, SOLID EDGE , CADKEY. The main feature of the program is its focus not just on the creation of geometry scanner, but also the inclusion of a scan of all data on the technology of bending press brake AMADA.

System requirements: (For Sheetmetalworks2009) Windows XP SP2 or Windows XP x64 Edition

SolidWorks 2009 or SolidWorks 2009 x64 Edition

(For Sheetworks) Operating System MS Windows XP / Vista

Disk Space 1GB free

Memory 1GB + RAM (2GB recommended)

Language: English only

Year: 2009

Developer: Amada + Solidworks

Platform: WINDOWS

Compatibility with Vista: Yes

Medicine: Present

SPI SheetMetalWorks

SPI - SheetmetalWorks specifically addresses the needs of companies involved in the design and manufacturing of parametric sheet metal parts and assemblies. It leads to significant increase in ready-to-manufacture products and makes the design process instant, resulting in dramatic time savings between concept and the testing of actual parts. Rapid creation and modification of solids is realized through an extended, intuitive, and dedicated command set, supporting typical sheet metal operations.

SPI - SheetmetalWorks allows easy, fast and accurate modifications (variants). Once the design is complete, an extreme fast, automatic 2D flat is generated from the 3D Solid. During the unfold calculation the sheet metal part will be automatically analyzed. All bend allowances are calculated.

SPI - SheetmetalWorks at a glance: * Design your parts based on practice oriented "Material Management"

* Use DIN correction-formula, self-defined formula or reduction tables for reduction of the bending areas

* Design without previous reliefs

* Use correct sheet metal data from the beginning through SPI - commands

* Apply material data also to imported models (DWG, SAT, IGES)

* Import data with automatic recognition of sheet thickness

* Decide whether you unfold filleted or sharp cornered

* Define Shortening attributes per bend

* Unfold conical faces / pipe reductions etc.

* Unfold also if inaccuracies appear on model

* Unfold bending zones that are sharp cornered on the inner side and have an outer radius depending on sheet metal thickness. This is relevant whenever imports of STEP files from other CAD systems occur

* Use created Sketch in SolidWorks without restrictions

* Export DXF with SolidWorks functions

* Auto analysis of the bending radii with warning messages

* Ready-to-manufacture representation of the flat shape with: * Both, upper and lower unfolding

* Bending zones and bending lines

* Spline-or polygon curve representation

* Bend lines for freeform surfaces