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Create, modify, and manage piping and instrumentation diagrams with AutoCAD P&ID software. Built on the latest AutoCAD platform, AutoCAD P&ID is easy to use and familiar to process plant designers and engineers so design teams can begin working immediately with minimal training.

With AutoCAD P&ID, you can streamline and automate common tasks; easily access component and line information; and use tools for the simple reporting, editing, sharing, validating, and exchange of design information so your projects start easier, run better, and finish sooner.


Project Manager

AutoCAD P&ID software makes it easy for designers and process plant engineers to set up projects and track revisions. Project-management tools allow the straightforward organization of DWG files across an entire project.

Data Manager

Know the impact of external data updates and better validate and manage engineering data throughout a project with this enhanced change-management, viewing, and editing functionality.

Dynamic Lines and Dynamic Components

Simplify many of the detailed design and editing tasks you perform repeatedly every day. Use Dynamic Lines to create, move, and snap lines into place. Reduce the manual breaking and mending of lines with intuitive grip editing and manipulation. Lines automatically break and attach to components that are inserted on, or attached to, the line, and automatically mend when a component is removed.

With Dynamic Components, quickly move and snap components with dynamically linked properties and information into place without the burden of manually editing underlying data.

Symbol Libraries

Place snap-to-industry-standard symbols (PIP, ISA, JIS, ISO/DIN) directly into drawings, as well as symbols customized for specific company or project needs.

Tagging and Annotations

Easily create, customize, and edit tags and annotations in industry-standard formats. Properties propagate automatically and information can be dragged and dropped from the Data Manager and automatically resized using predefined tag formats.

Reporting and Information Exchange

Use external data sources to easily report, edit, and share piping and instrumentation design project information. Import and export data into formatted data tables as well as various file formats, such as Microsoft Excel and .csv. Quickly sort and organizeinformation for easy referencing.


Perform error checking to increase accuracy and dramatically reduce the time it takes to identify potential problems in P&ID drawings.