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ZwCAD Professional - computer-aided design, intended for architects, engineers, designers and other professionals working in CAD / CAM programs. Built on the basis of InteliCAD 6 and based on OpenDWG technology, ZWCAD is able to open, edit and save in the environment created by AutoCAD DWG / DXF files directly, ie no transactions of import / export. And also without problems, AutoCAD users can open files produced in ZWCAD.
In addition, developers ZWCAD created a user interface corresponding to the maximum level of such common software, such as AutoCAD. Therefore, the transition to software ZWCAD with software from other manufacturers the most simple. ZwCAD - this is the best alternative to AutoCAD *!

ZWCAD - the smart choice for engineers who need to draw on the DWG format for the exchange of drawings. However other users need not be installed ZWCAD. The main thing that all the drawings were made in the software that supports the format DWG, for example, AutoCAD. Without that opportunities ZWCAD can be further expanded using the standard for this type of packet technologies, such as LISP, C + + (ADS) and VBA (Visual Basic for Application).

For many experts from around the world assessed the possibility of ZWCAD. Along with high functionality, unwavering support for industry standards in the drafting, as well as recognized in the industry formats, ZWCAD has a relatively low cost for the engineering package. Among those who chose ZWCAD its main tool for work - architects, engineers, builders, equipment manufacturers, designers, experts in electronics, so, practically all who need a convenient, versatile tool that meets modern requirements. Agencies ZWCAD opened more than 60 countries worldwide.

Professionals who need tools to model an object in 3-dimensional space, can not do without the extra to the Standard Edition features and tools. But the 3-dimensional space of a few "heavier" picture. Therefore, there are two versions of ZWCAD: Professional and Standard. ZWCAD Standard version includes all the necessary tools to prepare DWG drawings in the usual and convenient interface of AutoCAD. Besides all the functions included in ZWCAD Standard, added in ZWCAD Professional 3D modeling and Microsoft Visual Basic for Application (VBA).


"Maximum compatibility with the format of the DWG (up to the DWG 2009)
"More than 150 000 users in 75 countries
"For architects, engineers, designers working in CAD-applications
"The tremendous savings for your budget
"The real answer to the question how to save on AutoCAD
"More than 15 patents
"The legal software
"Increased productivity and stability of the new version of ZWCAD 2010
"Well-known companies have chosen ZWCAD! These include Alcatel, Honda, Hitachi, Panasonic, Citizen, GP and many
"The official partners of ZWCAD are IntelliCAD, Intel, Microsoft, Spatial, Open Design Alliance, Lenovo

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