Download key generator for Pamela for Skype Professionnel Fdition v4.7.0.59

A versatile and easy to use Skype audio and video recording software!

Pamela is a Skype certified add-on toolbox which offers a wide range of functions to enhance your Skype experience. Pamela is the leading Skype add-on application.

Pamela takes care of several Skype annoyances, like the fact that when you are on a call your status remains online. Others can't see you are on a call. In addition Pamela adds functions not present in Skype like MP3 Call Recording, local Answering Machine, Birthday Reminder, Skype Contact Personalization and many more functions.


* Skype Call Recording

* Skype Video Recording

* Skype Chat Recording

* Skype Call Transfer

* Skype Call Scheduler

* Record calls automatically

* Mono/Stereo recording option

* Skype Conference Call manager

* Create cool mood messages

* Answering Machine

* Play sounds during calls

* Auto Chat Reply

* Birthday Reminders

* Email Forwarding

* Contact Personalization

* Blogging & Podcasting

And many other cool features...