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is a computer aided engineering (CAE) software for the design of performance-optimized maritime products and turbomachinery. Form optimization is an economically sound measure which benefits also the environment. The abatement potential and operational advantage of performance-optimized products increases cost efficiency and return while lowering operating expenses.

As one of the leading design environments in the maritime industry, the FRIENDSHIP-Framework is used by a growing clientele worldwide. Around the globe, shipping companies, design offices, marine consultancies and academic institutions show increasing activity to operate and design cost efficiently.

Applying the FRIENDSHIP-Framework to product design and thereby employing an optimization routine in the product development is a key measure for higher cost efficiency. Evaluations show huge benefits of applying the software. Prime asset are performance-optimized products. On average, optimized designs show a 5 percent increase in energy efficiency. This translates to massive gains in performance delivered as well as to in part gigantic savings in fuel costs, CO2 emissions and maintenance costs over the full product lifecycle, depending on product type, operational tasks, operating conditions.