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The software

QMSys Tolerances & Gauges

is an engineering program designed for engineers, quality managers, quality control planers, metrologists, machinist etc. and its purpose is to save time and to prevent personal errors in determining nominal and limit parameters of workpieces, gauges and reference standards. The program is especially useful in the design, manufacture and control of gauges and tools since it saves time and costs fir carrying out calculations and providing standards.

Tolerances and Fits

* Tolerances acc. to ISO 286, EN 20286, ANSI B4.2, GOST 25346 for nominal dimensions up to 3150mm

* Tolerances acc. to DIN 7172, GOST 25348 for nominal dimensions over 3150 mm up to 10000 mm

* Fits acc. to ISO 1829, ISO 286, DIN 7154, DIN 7155 und DIN 7157

* Tolerances and fits acc. to ANSI B4.1 for nominal dimensions up to 200 inch

* Tolerances acc. to ISO 2768-1 for nominal dimensions without individual tolerance indications up to 3150 mm

* Design of a ISO fit according to ISO 286 for given clearance or interference respectively

* Calculation of bilateral symmetrical tolerances for CNC-programs

Types of Gauges

Data base and techniques of calculating the nominal sizes and limit values of the following gauges have been included in the program QMSys Tolerances & Gauges: * Plug gauges, ring gauges, snap gauges, checking plug gauges and setting plugs according to ISO/R 1938, DIN 7150-2, setting rings according to DIN 2250

* Plug gauges, ring gauges, snap gauges, master rings and master disks with class XXXX up to ZZ according to ASME B89.1.5, ASME B89.1.6

* Plug gauges, ring gauges and setting plugs according to BS 969, setting rings acc. to BS 4064, BS 4065

The calculation results can be saved in a file or can be copied into another program.

Key Benefits

* QMSys Tolerances & Gauges minimizes engineering time required to specify tolerances, fits and plane gauges.

* Computation of workpieces and gauges are based on international, European and national standards.

* The software promotes specification of standard hole and shaft sizes, tolerances and fits to help lower operating cost.

* It reduces cost of cutting tools, gages and material.

* QMSys Tolerances & Gauges determines the nominal and limit sizes of gauges for production pieces with non standard tolerances and fits.

* Information is provided in both inches and millimetres.

* Calculation reports in TXT, RTF, XML, XLS or HTML format.

* Multi-language flexible and user-friendly interface.