Download key generator for Multiboot USB Alkid MicroPE Acronis Password Changer XP build ZverDVD v2010.11

LiveUSB 4 GB - Alkid, MicroPE, Acronis, Password Changer, XP build ZverDVD v2010.11

Multiboot USB flash drive from yuric21, adopted into a Windows XP, Alkid LiveCD and WPI (abridged) from ZverDVD v2010.11, Acronis, MicroPE and several other useful programs ...

System requirements: Processor 300 MHz or higher

RAM 128 MB RAM or higher

Free space on HDD 1.5 Gb

Features: - Alkid LiveCD, Windows XP and WPI from Zver

- WPI gutted by the developer to stick to their needs (God forgive him Zver. To be complete - change folder WPI, the original, but then at 4 Giga will not fit)

- Additional software is not integrated, and assembled in the folder My soft ,

- Installed Acronis BootCD Collection Ru-board Edition 2010 v.1.2 , who do not need such a heavy (581 Mb) - change the image from the folder iso , the old AcronisMedia.iso (167 Mb) of a root archive folder.

Composition of WPI v3.9 Lite: Office

Akelpad 4.5.0

WinDjView 1.0.3

MS Office 2003 RUS SP3


Everest 5.50.2100. NET Framework 1.1-4.0

HashTab 3.0.0


K-Lite MegaCodec 6.5.0

Louderlt 2.03

File utilities

Total Commander 7.55a

Unlocker 1.9.0


Adobe Photoshop CS5

FS Image Viewer 4.2


WinRar 3.93



P2P and Web Server

Http File Server 2.3.262

Ext. Information: Feature of installing the wind - during the first reboot, ship MicroPE (it loaded faster than Alkid) and change the file C: \ Boot.ini one digit in rdisk (1) rdisk (0), (produblirovno this menu GRUBa true for English) reboot and everything is on the first menu item - Boot Windows NT/2K/XP.

So - take a clean (or with unnecessary information), stick to 4 Giga (tested at Kingston DataTraveler 410 and simply Kingston DataTraveler).

1) Run the file HPUSBFW.EXE. In the resulting window, choose, select Device in your USB flash drive (depending on size), and paragraph File System Selects Fat32, then click on the button Start, affirm our intention to format the flash drive, after formatting click Ok and Close.

2) prescribes the bootloader in the MBR flashes - open the folder grubinst start the application grubinst_gui.exe. In the resulting window, select the item and our Disk flash drive and click the button Install, then Enter, at the end of Quit.

And trouble that can happen. At some flash, sometimes flies out the error, in this case will have to run grubinst.exe from a command prompt with the following parameters: c: / grubinst / grubinst.exe - skip-mbr-test (hdN)

Instead of N is necessary to substitute the number flash, for example (hd1). Find out which number is the flash drive in the system as follows. Right-click on my laptop -> Computer Management -> Disk Management.

WARNING! If you make a mistake and instead sticks indicate to the system drive, the MBR it will be changed and the system is loaded with it longer.

3) We write the image to stick - run Ghost32.exe click OK, then Local - Disk - From Image, find the file Image.GHO , click on your flash drive (find it in size), click OK, OK again, then Yes - the process went after the press Sontinue and close the program.