Download key generator for Northcode SWF Studio v3.8.333

Flash was originally created to deliver high-impact, low-bandwidth, vector animations on the web, but Flash can also create a stand-alone executable version of any Flash movie (SWF file). These executables are commonly called projectors because they play movies. The original reason for creating projectors was to allow people to send SWF files to someone who did not have the web based Flash player installed on their machine. People discovered that these "projectors" could be used for everything from building splash screens for CD's to simple desktop applications. The need for more functional desktop applications led to the creation of simple tools for extending Flash which in turn created a market for more professional third party Flash projector tools like SWF Studio.

SWF Studio is a professional quality replacement for the stand-alone player/projector that comes with Adobe FlashTM but SWF Studio allows you to do a lot more than just wrap your SWF in an executable. SWF Studio allows you to leverage your knowledge of Adobe Flash TM or your favorite Flash authoring tool to create powerful rich media desktop applications and screensavers.

Features: * Synchronous Commands

* Add a startup splash screen to your application

* Zero-Install Executables

* Integrated Help System

* Encrypt file resources using unbreakable 448-bit blowfish encryption

* Create Trial Versions

* JScript Support

* Launching Documents and Applications

* Audio and Video Playback

* Create multi-level pop-up menus

* Embedded Browser

* Compress and decompress data files using Zlib

* Encrypt and decrypt strings and files using the unbreakable 448-bit blowfish algorithm

* And much more...

WF can send data to the splash screen using Splash.sendData. The splash screen can send data to the main SWF, asynchronously, using FSCommand. The main SWF uses ssCore.Splash.setNotify to register for the onFSCommand event and the command and arguments from the FSCommand call will be passed to the event handler in the main SWF.

Added support for showing the Splash screen any time using from the main SWF. You can also, optionally, provide a new SWF or image in the call to in case the splash screen feature was not enabled in the SWF Studio IDE.

Added the BinaryFile plugin to provide fast, flexible, byte-level access to binary files of any size.

Added SysInfo.isUserAnAdmin to tell you whether the current user has admin rights or not.

Updated ActiveX.getProperty and ActiveX.setProperty to allow arguments to be used with properties.

Added SysTools.releaseMemory to reduce virtual memory owned by the application to a minimum. You can determine how much memory your application is using at any time by calling the new SysInfo.getProcessMemoryInfo function.

Added Browser.redirectPopups to redirect all popup windows to the current browser instanace instead of opening in a new window.

Added Keyboard.getAccessibilityHotkeys and Keyboard.setAccessibilityHotkeys functions to allow you to query and enable or disable the accessibility hotkeys.

We have removed support for typed parameter objects in ActionScript 3. This was a previously undocumented feature but a few people knew about it, so it's worth mentioning here. We had to remove this because it caused problems with the CS4 compiler.