Download key generator for PhotoAcute Studio v2.92

PhotoAcute Studio

is a leading edge tool for enhancing digital photographs quality. PhotoAcute Studio processes sets of photographs taken in continuous mode to produce high-resolution, low-noise pictures. It increases image resolution, removes noise without losing image details, corrects image geometry and chromatic aberrations and expands the dynamic range.

PhotoAcute Studio supports wide range of cameras

- from mobile phone cameras to high-end DSLR cameras. PhotoAcute Studio supports RAW image format providing the maximum image quality for professional photographers. Starting from version 2.10, it supports video files processing, allowing to get high-quality still frame from a sequence of video frames.

PhotoAcute for Digital Cameras: * Image resolution increase beyond camera capabilities

* Noise reduction without losing image details

* Producing High Dynamic Range (HDR) images

* Images alignment on sub-pixel level

* Revealing details that are usually invisible/indistinguishable

* Expanding the Depth of Field (focus stacking)

* Chromatic aberrations correction

* Fixing handshaking artifacts in low light conditions