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AutoFX Mystical Focus 2.0 x32/x64

Size: 405 MB

AutoFX Mystical Focus 2.0 - set of 16 visual effects to superimpose the focus, glow, vignette, noise and roughness, lens flares, etc. Effects are applied by painting or removal of the desired effects of the selected image. Each color effect can be adjusted independently to achieve the best results. Mystical allows you to overlay layers of effects and has support for changing the transparency of each layer separately. Thus, with Mystical Focus, you can convert your photos in just a few clicks. When combined with the Mystical Lighting and Ambiance and Tint Tone and Color you can achieve even greater results with your photos.

Product Details: * Simulates True Lens Focal Depth. Mystical Focus algorithms are designed to allow you to blend realistic depth-of-field together with selective focal brushing that gives results that are amazing. You have exact control over the way the focus directs attention to the areas you want while diffusing areas you dont.

* Mystical Focus Gives You Lots of Creative Options. Once you start using Mystical Focus youll find yourself wondering how you ever did without it. Mystical Focus makes it easy to creatively direct the viewer to the areas in the photo that you want.

* Easy to Use Interface, Tools and Controls. All of the controls and tools in Mystical Focus are standardized and easy to understand. Each has tool-tips that pop-up when you hover the mouse over them.

* Mystical Focus Works Great with Adobe Photoshop. Mystical Focus is tightly integrated with Adobe Photoshop and works as a plug-in filter accessible under the filters menu in Photoshop. Mystical Focus does not require any special skills or techniques to use and is easy for even beginners to master.

* Combine Effects Together to Enhance the Mood. The beauty part of using Mystical Focus is that you can combine the different effects together to achieve some gorgeous looks.

* Mystical Focus Includes Hundreds of Instant Preset Effects. Mystical Focus includes a huge selection of instant preset effects that give you a starting point to work from. Simply select a preset then define the areas for the focal effect to take place and youre done. Its that easy to use. You can design your own presets for later use on other photos and save them out. New roll-over Before / After preset examples show you how the effect will look when applied.