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is the premier solution for efficiently managing the entire surface water modeling process: from importing topographic and hydraulic data to visualizing and analyzing solutions. SMS interfaces with a wide range of numerical models for applications including river flow analysis, contaminant transport, sediment transport, particle tracking, rural & urban flooding, estuarine, coastal circulation, inlet and wave modeling.

SMS Applications


provides tools for many types of hydraulic modeling scenarios including river hydrodynamics, contaminant and sediment transport, rural and urban flooding, estuary and inlet modeling, coastal circulation and wave modeling. SMS supports a number of 2D finite-difference and finite-element models including RMA2/RMA4, FESWMS, TUFLOW, ADCIRC, CMS Flow, CMS Wave, STWAVE, CGWAVE, and BOUSS2-D.

SMS Models

SMS provides pre- and post- processing for several numeric models. These models are developed and maintained by government or commercial entities rather than the developers of SMS.

The numerical models to the left are currently supported in SMS Each model is included with the SMS installation (model executable files and documentation) and is fully linked with the SMS software.