Download key generator for Right Hemisphere Deep Exploration v6.3.1

Genre: Graphics & Design

Right Hemisphere Deep Exploration - a powerful tool for viewing and converting 2D, 3D, audio and video files. The program supports more than four popular formats, and in particular, allows you to convert 3D files from one format to another, including animation. The program can see a hierarchy of three-dimensional scenes and materials. Deep Exploration is available in two versions - Standard and CAD Edition. The second version supports more formats, as well as an expanded set of tools for working with three-dimensional scenes. There are tools for the optimization models, removal of the scenes for hidden objects, association of identical materials and removal of unused and much more. In addition to its core functions, the program allows you to open files on some manipulation: to view the assembly, hide, show specific details, measurements.

Year: 2010

Developer: Right Hemisphere

Platform: x32/x64

Compatibility with Vista: complete

Language: English

Medicine: Present

System requirements: * Windows 2000 SP4 operating system;

* Pentium III 266 processor or higher;

* 128MB of RAM (more for large model and texture sizes);

* Microsoft DirectX, version 8;

* Internet Exploration 6.0;

* Graphics card capable of displaying 24-bit color;

* Pixel and vertex shader support on graphics card;

* Shaders located in the Shaders folder;

* 3D hardware accelerator video card.

Support for importing the following formats: * AutoCAD (DWG, DXF, DWF to 2007 version);

* Inventor (IAM, IPT and 11 versions);

* Parasolid (X_B, X_T, XMT, XMT_TXT up to 16 versions);

* ACIS (SAT, SAB and 16 versions);

* Solid Edge (PAR to 16 version);

* SolidWorks (SLDASM, SLDLFP, SLDPRT, SLDDRW to 2007 version);

* IGES (Method A: Version 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3);

* STEP (AP204, AP214);

* CATIA (CATPart, CATProduct to 17SP5 version).

New Features 6.3.1: * The Parts panel has now been split into two separate panels - Callouts and Parts. See notes below for further information. CAD Tools Remove hidden objects - the remove internal objects and remove hidden polygons functions have been merged together, and are now Remove Hidden Objects;

* Cut by Box - new method of cutting in Section Cut settings;

* New detail view functionality in the Drawing Toolbar - Cutaway;

* Define Home Position - drop-down menu for the Home button, where you can define the home position for objects in the scene;

* New shadows options in scene properties;

* Invert orbit rotation - new setting in the 3D Editor Preferences to reverse the direction of rotation when in Orbit mode;

* Ability to use the Move and Rotate tool in conjunction with the cross-section;

* New button for the History pane to clear out any files that no longer exist from the history pane;

* Remove Attributes has been added to CADTools toolbar. This provides the ability to remove specific attributes from selected objects.