Download key generator for AWR Design Environment v9.01

Package Microwave Office - a set of powerful and flexible programs for the design of RF / microwave equipment. Built on the unique AWR design environment and an expanded database of analog and digital components, the package Microwave Office offers an unprecedented openness to integrate with external systems design, intuitive use and the ability to combine best-in-class system, connected at various stages of development.

Object-oriented database AWR continually synchronized with the editor of schemes, the master modeling and topological editor that provides the user with comprehensive information on all phases of the development of devices: from idea to realization.

Latest version of Microwave Office offers developers new capabilities that reduce design time and release products on the market.

Key features: -Full integration with the program APLAC *, using electromagnetic methods of design, with the inclusion of representation scheme in the form of a list of compounds that are used in APLAC, and maintained in a library AWR XML. Components can also be created in this program, using macros.

-Automatic Extraction of the electrical circuit of the topology of the master ASE * for fast and accurate simulation.

-Integration with the verifier VSS RF Inspector * for modeling in the frequency domain in order to assess the conversion, harmonics, intermodulation and noise.

-Intelligent communication (Intelligent Nets, iNets) circuit elements on the level of printed circuit boards, integrated circuits and monolithic blocs.

-Technology and a master iNets extraction scheme ACE relieve the developer from the time spent on the full electromagnetic simulation of the device.

Interface-EM Socket EM * supports integration with leading software electromagnetic modeling.

-Branded components Xmodels available via EM Socket.

-Synthesis of microwave filters using the module Nuhertz Filter Synthesis Company Nuhertz Technologies.

System Requirements: Minimum Hardware

1GHz P4 CPU, 512MB RAM, 400 MB available disk space

Recommended Hardware

Best in market CPU (multi-core, 64 bit), 2 + GB RAM, 10GB available disk space.

Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft * Windows * 2000-SP4, XP-SP2, or Vista-SP1