Download key generator for Quest Spotlight On DB2 for LUW v6.7.2.105

Real-time monitoring for all critical DB2 components

from a single interface, with threshold alerts and performance bottleneck identification.

Spotlight* on DB2

diagnoses performance problems on DB2 for Linux, Unix and Windows in real time by graphically displaying all database activity in an intuitive user interface, enabling you to respond quickly to issues that need attention.

With an architecturally accurate visual representation of your DB2 environment, Spotlight helps pinpoint the source of problems and enables you to rapidly resolve them.

From an overview screen, DBAs can view all activity across the entire DB2 instance*analyzing connections, wait events, locking, memory, and disk I/O*to pinpoint and remedy problems as they occur.

Features and Benefits

* Improved performance for DB2 for LUW connections - Spotlight on DB2 takes advantage of new DB2 technology that allows you to manageme multiple instance attachments with little impact on performance.

* Full support of DB2 for LUW 9.5 metrics - New statistics for OLAP functions, RUNSTATS activities, and workloads are available on Spotlight's Database Analysis, Database Manager Summary, Client Applications Analysis, and Top SQL drilldowns.

* Workload Management Analysis drilldown - Provides a comprehensive look at DB2 Workload Management (WLM) information and statistics captured for your DB2 for LUW 9.5 database. The drilldown covers five major WLM areas -- service classes, workloads, work classes, work actions, activities, and threshold queues -- that you can explore through summary information and sub-drilldowns.

* New Workload Activities sub-drilldown added to the Client Applications Analysis drilldown - Provides DB2 Workload Management statistics about workload activity for each application connection.