Download key generator for DB Software Laboratory Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise v4.2.1.1

Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise

is data integration automation Tool. Design complex data transformations and Sql script add them to the package together with report, file, ftp, email and many more actions and schedule them for execution on regular basis

By combining simple Package actions together Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise helps businesses and Fortune 100 companies build complex data-warehouses and automate complicated business processes with ease.

Features: * Automate complex business tasks

* Save time and money

* Schedule business processes for execution

* Perform complex data validation and transformation

* Receive and process Emails

* Copy, move, rename and delete files

* Upload and download files

* Run SQL scripts

* Process and Generate XML Files

* Compare files using MD5 and size

* Generate reports

* Sort and de duplicate data

* Export all data from the database

* Save blobs into separate files

* and much more...