Download key generator for CHEVROLET EPC v10.2010

CHEVROLET EPC 10.2010 | 759MB

Contains a catalog of parts and accessories for cars, jeeps and minibuses of firm CHEVROLET. We present a model since 1982. Operating a screen resolution of 1024x768. Available CHEVROLET EPC on a single DVD - catalog of auto parts and VIN codes.

Date of update: 10.2010

Year: 2010

Version: 4.0

Compatibility with Vista: Yes

Language: English + Russian

Medicine: Not required

Installation Instructions EPC4 2009

1. We take the image, mount in any way, take out with him all the files (~ 5.1 Gb).

1a. autorun.inf and setup.exe are throwing in the basket

2. Set GMGInfrastructure \ GMGInfrastructure.msi (Standartalone)

3. Set GMEApplication \ GMEApplication.msi

4. Set GMGLocalDB \ GMGLocalDB.msi

5. Set GMERomDB \ GMERomDB.msi

6. Open the Start menu-execute cmd.exe

cd "C: \ Program Files \ Snap-on Business Solutions \ Global EPC \ GM \ Configurator"

java-jar Configurator.jar

Before their execution must go to the root of drive C: by typing "cd \" without quotes of course, but with a space between cd and \

string takes the form C: \>

And then execute commands very carefully though, that gains or just copy from here. Hot keys in DOS osovskom window does not work, only the mouse.

7. Restart computer