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Use other Antivirus programs (not Norton), to scan this NTR to make sure that it is not infected with malware. (You need to extract the NTR from the zip file before scanning.)

Instructions: Note 1: After installing the NTR, your computer will restart automatically. So save all your work before installing the NTR.

1. If Norton is installed and [expired], then [Uninstall] Norton. (If Norton is installed but has not expired, then skip to Step 4.)

2. Restart your computer and run the NTR to purge Norton.

3. Install Norton.

4. Turn off the [Norton Product Tamper Protection] / [Norton Tamper Protection] in the "Miscellaneous Settings".

5. If you are using the previous NTR version, then you must use that version to uninstall it first.

6. Install the NTR and follow the instructions.

7. After installation, you need to restart the computer and update until you don't get any error or no more updates.

8. IF you want to uninstall the NTR, just click the Uninstall. Make sure that you uninstall the NTR before you remove Norton.

* Note A: This NTR may not work with the latest updates.

* Note B: Don't let anyone forces you to use this program.

* Note C: If you have a problem with the (Protection Updates), then check your computer date and make sure that it is set to the present.