Download key generator for MusicLab RealLPC Standalone DXi VSTi v1.0

RealLPC provides incredible playability based on the unique performance modes and easytouse keyboard layout as well as the advanced key/pedal/velocity switch system allowing a keyboardist to perform guitar parts with a whole new level of realistic expression. RealLPC covers practically all sounds, articulations, and techniques a professional guitarist can produce on his Les Paul, including mute, bridge mute, harmonics, pinch harmonics, unison bend, strumming, picking, chord chopping, scrapes, and much more.
• Performance modes
o Solo, Harmony, Chords, Bass&Chord, Bass&Pick, Direct
• Sounds
o Full length (recorded with full attack and sustain)
o Muted (fret hand mute)
o Bridge Mute (palm mute)
o Harmonics (Artificial)
o Pinch Harmonics
o Scrapes
o Pick position select (15 points)
o Pick Noise (adjustable level)
o Fret Noise (auto)
o Release Noise (auto)
• Articulations/Techniques
o Up/Down strokes
o HammerOn (up to octave range)
o PullOff (up to octave range)
o HammerOn with PullOff on key release (up to octave range)
o Legato
o Slide Legato Up/Down (up to octave range)
o Slide Auto Up/Down (up to 2octave range, speed adjustable)
o Tremolo (up/down strokes, speed adjustable, tempo sync)
o Trill (up to octave range, speed adjustable, tempo sync)
o Bend auto (range, speed adjustable)
o Reverse Bend auto (range, speed adjustable)
o MonoBend (Unison Bend, lower string bend)
o Intervals (4th, 5th, Octave, 2 Octaves, Power Chords, etc.)
o Strums Up/Down
o Muted Strums Up/Down
o Slow Strums Up/Down
o ChuckaChucka (barre chords muted) Up/Down, various string combinations
o Strum Speed adjustable
o Strum layers (string groups) control
o Number of strings used in strums adjustable
• Effects
o Violining (volume swell)
o Sustainer (sound swell)
o FeedBacker(harmonic feedback)
o WahWah (MIDI CC control, Auto, Modulation)
• Key Switches (Solo mode)
o 30 FXs assignable on 33 Keys
o Toggle/temporary switch modes
o Custom Key Switch presets (save/load)
• Chord detect/construct system
o 14 note piano chords to 6voice guitar chords realtime translation
o 26 chord types recognition, including 7th, 9th and altered chords, played in any inversion and voicing
o 4 chord positions along the fretboard
o Slash Bass Chords option allows to perform major/minor triads with any note in the bass
o About 2000 instant guitar chord shapes
• Pattern Manager
o Builtin multifunctional Pattern Manager letting you in no time create professionally sounding guitar accompaniment tracks
o MusicLab Guitar Pattern Library (1250 rhythm patterns covering a wide range of music styles)
o Pattern Tree view, allowing to find/select rhythm patterns right from RealLPC
o Pattern view, graphically presenting guitar Strokes contained in the current rhythm pattern
o Auditioning selected pattern by simply pressing chord on the external keyboard without starting your host sequencer
o Total synchronization with hosts tempo, start/stop, beats, loop, time signature.
o DragnDrop selected pattern from Pattern window right to your hosts MIDI track
o Real time pattern arranging (dramatic changing pattern performance on the fly):
Add/reduce dynamics (velo )
Randomize dynamics
Apply velocity of trigger chord to pattern dynamics
Continuous dynamics changes ( / velocity assigned to Pitch Bender controller)