Download key generator for Tecplot RS 2010 R1 v2010.1.1.9610

Company Tecplot, developer of popular systems, data visualization, today announced the Tecplot RS (Reservoir Simulation), an integrated tool for simulation of oil and gas. Tecplot RS will help professionals to develop fields to load data from multiple sources and provide this information in the form of two-dimensional graphics or three-dimensional representations. In the proposed version of the product includes many improvements demanded by users, in addition, Tecplot RS is now integrated with the popular software VIP, produced by Landmark Graphics. Tecplot RS is also permits the use of these systems modeling of oil and gas reservoirs, the proposed third-party vendors, as well as information gathered through observations, including information on workload standards and test results.

For engineers who want to cut time in understanding reservoir simulation results, Tecplot RS is a specialized visualization and analysis tool that helps increase your productivity. It gives you a full range of options for analyzing data with line graphs, 2D cross sections, and 3D grid plots. Of all the post-processing tools available, Tecplot RS is the easiest to use and produces the most visually powerful output.


Tecplot RS brings all your reservoir simulation and observed data together, enabling you to rapidly explore, compare, and understand your data.

With one tool, you can: Assess the accuracy of a reservoir model more quickly by comparing history match factors for multiple simulation runs on a single plot.

Quickly identify regions of a reservoir with the largest history match deviations.

Make strategic decisions by comparing multiple simulations with observed data and understanding well pattern performance.

Explore and analyze different well scenarios for forecasts.

Analyze and understand production data and simulation results in one easy-to-use environment.

Generate accurate, high-quality images for the web, presentations, and technical papers.

History Match

Compare performance data from multiple simulations with observed data while simultaneously viewing the well location in the context of the reservoir grid solution.

Interactively define well groups and compare group results for multiple simulations.

Automatically determine and display match factors for multiple simulation runs.

Use delta bubbles to identify regions where the simulation over / under predicts.

Modify properties for selected regions and output for subsequent runs.

Reservoir Management

Interactively seed streamtraces in the reservoir flow to reveal the sweep area of an injector or determine the source of fluids moving toward a producer.

Load well allocation factors from major streamline simulators or from a. Csv file.

Define well patterns by interactively selecting the wells in the pattern.

Calculate and plot production data for well patterns.

Data Analysis

Use cross plots to observe relationships between data.

Cross plots show relationships between data, complementing the information provided by histograms.

Use histograms to observe distribution of data.

Calculate new variables from existing variables.

Integrate solutions over selected ranges.

Multiple Data Sets

Drag and drop to quickly load project files.

Drag and drop folders to load all recognized xy data files in the folders.

Load and manage multiple data sets to create comparison plots.

Load and append data from numerous sources.

Unload unneeded data sets from projects.

3D Grid Plots

Load and display inactive cells along with the active cells.

Generate 3D images of the simulation grid solutions.

Display 3D perspective and orthographic views with light source shading.

Rotate, translate, and zoom with mouse buttons to focus on a particular region.

Turn on translucency to view internal 3D features like well trajectories and iso-surfaces.

Cut away or isolate regions of the reservoir or to just show the cells along a well path.

Interactively select groups of cells to isolate or remove.

Display differences between grid solutions.

Save customized color legends for each grid variable.

Create "Fence" plots from multiple intersecting grid layers, multiple x, y or z slices, or a set of arbitrary slices.

Display fault surfaces.

Evaluate user-specified "survey" wells.

Stretch grids in the vertical direction without distorting the grid topology.

Stretch grid layers without distorting the topography with the Z-thickening feature. This is especially useful for examining reservoir models with very thin layers.

Sum or average properties over grid layers.

2D Grid Plots

Load and display inactive cells.

Examine the simulator solution, layer by layer.

Quickly step through layers of the grid for aerial and cross-section views.

Display grid layers in physical or index coordinates.

Display any grid variable as a distinct value per cell or smoothly varying.

Use the mouse to translate and zoom on the image.

Customize all text and style elements of each plot.

Superimpose bubble plots of well production and injection data.

Use Delta bubbles to display the difference between two well data sets.

Display wells and local grid refinements as they appear in each layer.

Use ternary coloring to display oil, water, and gas saturations.

Display fault lines.

Stretch grids in the Z direction without distorting the grid topology.


View the time history of reservoir data.

Create 2D and 3D views for specific simulation times.

Animate or step forwards and backwards through a time sequence to observe changes in the solution variables.

Create and share movies showing saturation fronts, pressure changes, and other recurrent grid properties.

Display the difference between current values and a user-selected reference time.

XY Plots

Specify the spacing of major and minor markers for the axes of XY plots.

Compare data from multiple simulator runs with historical well data and normalize differences.

Plot data for multiple wells or multiple variables in each graph.

Compare multiple variables in each graph using one or more Y-axes.

Plot versus time, or select any other variable for the X-axis.

Customize the colors, sizes, patterns and fonts of each graph and save the style settings for reuse.

Rapidly step through plots of field, region, group, well, completion, branch, segment and cell data.

Use special plot types for completion profiles and RFT data.

Sort and filter well lists using alphanumeric or performance criteria.

Automatically sum or average data for selected sets of wells.

Add geologic layers and annotations as background to RFT plots.

Multiple Plots per Page

Arrange multiple plots on one page to quickly view data for numerous wells, variables, and data sets.

Use default settings to view sets of variables or well plots on one page.

Customize standard sets of plots for viewing producers, injectors, or groups of wells.

Combine XY graphs and 2D and 3D grid views on one page.

Click wells to display XY graphs of production and RFT data with grid plots.

Click cells to display time histories of grid data with grid plots.

Include a histogram of grid properties.

Display side-by-side views of matrix and fracture solutions for dual porosity runs.

Interactively create pages of customized XY plots and save as a project for future editing and viewing.

Export Data

Output selected data for further analysis or input to simulations.

Output data from selected XY plots to CSV file.

Use blanking options to select ce