Download key generator for Hairtrix v1.5

Hairtrix consists of two formerly independent plug-ins, hairfx and Ornatrix that can now be used in concert to create amazing hair and fur effects. Both Ornatrix and hairfx are production-proven hair creation and simulation tools for 3ds Max and they provide users with a multitude of advanced tools for creating realistic hair and fur, and simulating its movement.

Cure your creatures' and characters' baldness by applying the Hairtrix to any 3D geometry in your scene, and within seconds, you've got a lush sprouting of everything from short stubble to long silky hair that can be further refined and styled. In any 3ds Max viewport, users can then interactively push, pull, comb and cut Hairtrix hair to match their characters' needs. Need your character to look like they just got out of bed? Then layer some frizz and randomness to the hairstyle in seconds. Want wet, matted hair for your creature? No problem, just apply spacewarps like gravity as well as complex specular hair shaders to achieve the look you're after.

List of features that Hairtrix offers:
Brush-based hair combing directly within the 3ds Max viewports
Multiple dynamics engines (including Aegia PhysX) allow for complex motion to be created quickly for hair
Cloth Mesh converter provides support for built-in cloth and SimCloth3 dynamics
Advanced anti-aliasing engines for clean renders
Full mental ray support
Improved Surface Distribution dialogs allow new ways to derive parameters from the emitter surfaces
Random Distribution curve controls allow the user to define the exact distribution of a parameter over its range
Better and more flexible export of hair to external plug-in tools and MAXScript.
Improved anti-aliasing through a new thick strand renderer
Rendering in buckets of any size and order to lower memory usage and allow for better integration with ray tracers like finalRender and VRay
Unique channel-based system allows for total control over visual properties of hair and fur including Vertex Color manipulation for real-time changes
Multiple hair specific materials allow for a full control over the final look of your hair
Atmospheric render controls allow users to balance render speed with quality output of their hair and fur creations
Multiple hair modifiers allow layering of effects such as Frizz, Curliness, Direction, Clustering, Strand Detail and much more