Download key generator for DB Software Laboratory Visual Importer Professional v7.7.5.12

Visual Importer ETL Professional is an ETL automation tool.

User can design Import, Export and SQL scripts, add them to the Package and schedule it for execution on regular basis. Unlike DTS, SSIS and Oracle Warehouse builder Visual Importer ETL Professional can receive emails and process attachments as well. All FTP operations also supported. By combining simple Package Items together Visual Importer ETL Professional helps small businesses and Fortune 100 companies to automate complicated business processes and everyday tasks.

* Import data into any database

* Export all data from the database

* Run SQL scripts

* Compress and decompress files

* Compare files using MD5 and size

* Copy, move, rename and delete files

* Upload and download files

* Receive and process Emails

* Send Emails

* and much more...