Download key generator for Suite Spot Studios AATranslator Extended v3.3.00

What does AATranslator do? AATranslator allows you to import from and export to the following Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) formats: Adobe Audition v3 XML Import & Export Native session format. Only understood by Audition V3 & AATranslator.

Sony Vegas Script Import & Export Vegas xml format offers a far more data rich conversion compared to that of the Vegas TXT format

Steinberg Track Archive Import & Export Nuendo, Cubase, PreSonus Studio one

PreSonus .Capture Import & Export Import format for Studio one, import & export format for PreSonus Live.

AES-31 ADL Import & Export Nuendo, Wavelab, Pyramix, AMS Audiofile, Fairlight, Waveframe, DAR, N-Track, Sadie, Soundscape

Samplitude/ Sequoia EDL Import & Export Samplitude/Sequoia & Magix Video Pro, Reaper, N-Track

Reaper RPP Import & Export Native session format. Most aspects of this format can be read & converted if the destination format has enough capabilities

Timeline Open TL Import & Export Tascam, Apple (& Emagic) Logic, Nuendo, Studio One

Sony Vegas EDL (txt) Import & Export Vegas, Reaper

Digidesign ProTools v5 Import & Export Can be imported by PT version 5 or greater, also fairlight & some other DAWs which can 'save copy in' PT5

Syntrillium, Adobe SES Import & Export Import Cool Edit Pro v1.2 to v2.1 and versions 1 to 3 of Audition session files (ses) and export to AA1.5 session format

Avid OMF 2 Import Only Avid video editors Media Composer Etc, Sony/Emagic Logic, Nuendo, Sequoia v11, Ensonic Paris, Sadie, Soundscape, Sonar, Digital Performer, Grass Valley, Lightworks, Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro (export only), Reaper (beta import only)

Final Cut Pro XML Import & Export Import & export format for Final Cut Pro & SoundTrack Pro as well as export from Logic

Ardour .ardour Import & Export Native xml format. Understood by Ardour, Harrison Mixbus & Xdubber - runs under Linux & OSx

Tracktion .tracktion Import only Native binary project file combined with .trkedit (xml) files. Understood by Mackie Traction & AATranslator