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Realtime Landscaping Architect includes everything you need to design professional landscape plans and presentations. Create photo-based designs, plan drawings, and even full 3D walkthroughs with this easy-to-use software. No prior CAD experience is required. All of the features in Realtime Landscaping Pro, Plus and Photo, are included. Compare our landscaping software. "It has been great discovering what Realtime Landscaping Architect can do to create realistic plans. It is far better than anything Ive used before!" - Karen Faulkner, The Inspired Garden Landscape Design Design Landscape Plans Design houses, decks, fencing, yards, gardens swimming pools, water features, and much more with easy-to-use tools. Give your plans a hand-drawn look using a wide variety of plant symbols and color washes. Add plant labels automatically using the wizard, and add a plant legend with just a few mouse clicks.

Design irrigation systems, planting details, and other CAD drawings with accurate size and scale. Includes

drawing templates for sheet sizes A0-A4, and custom sizes are also supported. An extensive library of symbols is included, and you can create your own using the wizard

Sample landscape plan: low-resolution, high-resolution. Simultaneous 2D and 3D Design As you design your landscape, the 2D and 3D views are updated automatically. Freely switch between views as needed. Design houses, decks, and other objects in 2D and then switch to 3D to set their elevation. Most tools can be used in either view. Sample 2D/3D design

Import Digital Photographs. Import a digital photograph of your clients house and design the landscape. Present before-and-after views to help your client visualize your landscaping ideas. A powerful picture editor is included so you can touch-up photos, edit imported pictures, and even create custom plant varieties. Sample photo landscape

Advanced 3D Visualization. Realtime Landscaping Architect includes the latest advances in 3D graphics technology. Instead of taking minutes or even hours to render a single image, you can freely walk around your landscape designs in real-time 3D.

Advanced rendering features include soft shadows accurate lighting, flowing water, and more. More features Professional Presentation Tools. Show your clients a virtual walkthrough of their property with your proposed design changes. Create movies which you can burn to CD or DVD format (CD/DVD burning software not included). Using your laptop PC you can make design changes right at the jobsite.

Using the Project Material List feature, you can create a bill of materials, set item descriptions and prices, and export results to Microsoft Excel. More features. Landscape With Slopes & Hills Realtime Landscaping Architect offers some of the most powerful terrain sculpting tools available in any landscape design software.

Create building pads, driveways, and sloping terrain. Adjust the height of the terrain at any point using exact dimensions. Add straight or curved retaining walls. The tools work in real-time, giving you instant feedback on your changes.

Import Custom Models and Materials. Import models in AutoDesk 3DS or SketchUp SKP format Create your own fountains, waterfalls, roofing material, and much more. Download free models and materials from the Internet and use them in your landscape designs. More features

Large Object Library. The software comes with over 12,000 objects, including 5700 highly detailed plants such as trees, shrubs flowers, water garden, cactus, palms, and more. Plant information includes common name, botanical name planting zones, and size