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Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server 3.5 (Win + Linux)

Windows + Linux | Size: 330 MB

Adobe* Flash* Media Interactive Server 3.5 software offers a unique combination of powerful streaming with a flexible environment for creating and delivering rich, interactive, multiway social media experiences to the broadest possible audience. Youll find a superior video experience, with new features such as Dynamic Streaming, DVR functionality, HTTP delivery support, and H.264 enhancements.

Interactive features: Plug-in architecture

Integrate with other servers, back-end services, and workflows with the new plug-in architecture. Three classes of plug-ins for authorization, server access, and file access let you extend Adobe* Flash* Media Interactive Server 3.5 software with custom connectivity, security, and deployment options.

MPEG-4 video recording

Archive high-quality live streams on the server so you can quickly deploy any live stream via on-demand quickly after your live event is over.

AMF3 support

With the addition of AMF3 support, take advantage of a much more flexible tool for data sharing and even richer possibilities for interactive applications deployed through the Adobe Flash Player runtime and the Adobe Flex* environment.

DVR functionality

Create high definition DVR functionality with new support for H.264 stream recording. Pause a live stream, or seek backwards into the video that was missed.

XMP metadata support

Enjoy support for streaming XMP metadata created by video production tools that write it into the file. With XMP metadata, you can search on text within a video stream.

Video streaming features: Dynamic Streaming

Keep your viewers longer with a better viewing experience, no matter what their connection speed is. Dynamic Streaming is a new quality-of-service monitoring feature that lets you detect any changes in your viewers bandwidth and smoothly switch between streams during playback * helping to ensure a high-quality, uninterrupted stream. Dynamic Streaming uses standard H.264 and VP6 files and is ActionScript* controlled.

Faster server and scalability

Deliver more streams and users per server with less CPU usage, lowering your streaming and infrastructure costs. Video streaming capacity is improved for H.264 content with Flash Media Interactive Server 3.5. Flash Media Interactive Server can serve as either an Origin or an Edge, features previously found in Flash Media Server 2.0, to allow for virtually unlimited scalability.

Easier implementation

Get started right away with easier out-of-the-box deployment. Flash Media Interactive Server 3.5 makes it easy with features such as new ActionScript classes for Dynamic Streaming, a new load simulator tool (coming soon) to test your network, delivery of encrypted media to the Adobe AIR* runtime and Adobe Media Player software, and support for more platforms, including Microsoft* Windows Server* 2008 and Linux* Red Hat* 5.2.

More secure content delivery

Lock down your high-definition content and communications with enhanced stream protection and server-side security. Encrypted H.264 streaming is now supported * with the encrypted Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMPE), you get higher performance at 128-bit encryption strength. In edition with RTMPE, protect SWF files from being reused or modified, and help prevent unauthorized connections with improved SWF verification. Use the plug-in architecture to create custom, real-time rights control by validating with external services such as LDAP or SOAP.

Reliable delivery protocols

Help ensure that your content is easily and reliably delivered, even when RTMP delivery is not supported. You can now use this integrated solution to deliver all components of your video application via HTTP when needed.

H.264 video and HE-AAC audio

Enable up to 1080p HD delivery to Adobe Flash Player, Adobe AIR, and Adobe Media Player with industry-standard H.264 video and HE-AAC audio streaming. Given the broad support of H.264 video in the industry, customers can leverage most of their existing encoded content without having to reencode, helping reduce the cost of delivery.

Live HD/H.264 video streaming

Get robust, high-performance live streaming of H.264 and On2 VP6 video in conjunction with Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 2.5 software, enabling you to deliver around-the-clock live video feeds for news, events, and social media sites and support a high volume of subscribers in real time.

Mobile video delivery to Flash Lite 3

Deliver both live and video-on-demand streams to a growing number of mobile phones that support the Adobe Flash Lite* 3 mobile platform. The same video experience in the browser can now be delivered smoothly to mobile devices.

Bandwidth detection

Detect the client connection speed and serve up video at the appropriate bit rate * no *choose size of video* messages to your end users.

Multipoint publishing

Use multipoint publishing to remotely inject new live or prerecorded streams into your delivery system to quickly add time-sensitive content. This is most useful when working with a content delivery network (CDN) or distributed servers.

Server redirection handling

Automatically provide clients with new or alternate locations of missing content. Stream redirection in RTMP behaves much like HTTP 302 redirection.


Help ensure that you have all the tools you need to track and generate reports on your audiences content usage thanks to W3C-compliant ASCII logs, a real-time usage monitor, and a complete API for server and stream events.

Stream data access

Create dynamic thumbnails or video previews on the client side with the ability to take a snapshot of the streamed video (requires Flash Player 9 or later).