Download key generator for ESET Remote Administrator Server + Console v4.0.122.0

Eset NOD32 Remote Administrator Server and Eset NOD32 Remote Administrator Console -

tools that are designed to control the system Eset NOD32 a large computer networks. Eset NOD32 Remote Administrator Server and Eset NOD32 Remote Administrator Console provides you with an overview of anti-virus Eset NOD32, in particular viruses, and update databases of Eset NOD32 on all PCs on your network.

Eset NOD32 Remote Administrator Server (RAS)

is looking for as well as stores all the information available on the antivirus system Eset NOD32 for absolutely all computers on your network, then this information can be accessed via the Eset NOD32 Remote Administrator Console (RAC). Two-way communication between the RAC system Eset NOD32 antivirus on the workstations and network server allows administrators to remotely run the tools Eset NOD32 on personal computers in the network.

What's New in ESET Remote Administrator 4: * Intelligent control groups: Parametric working with filtration, reports, notifications and regulations policy. Improved Active Directory synchronization facilitates the deployment of business solutions ESET in large and distributed networks with complex hierarchies.

* Terms and network protection wizard: Component system network protection controls on any combination of endpoints on your network. Using mastear easily change the configuration and add exceptions to rules. The resulting set of rules can be easily maintained.

* Improved policy manager: The new intuitive wizard facilitates the mapping of policy groups. Features of import / export policies are taking work from copying or duplication of policies through subsidiaries.

* Simplified remote installation: overcoming security gaps, releasing the excess, time-consuming work with improved search unregistered customers.

* Cross-platform management: from a single remote control, remote control of all current and previous versions of products ESET, working in your network, regardless of the operating system. PC Windows, Servers, Linux and Mac fields, plus the following general mobile devices are all tamed and safe.