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MagicScore Note

is a convenient and powerful musical editor who offers the expanded possibilities for pupils of music schools, teachers of music and it is simple those who seriously practises music and loves it.

What*s new in MagicScore Note 7: * New MagicScore Music Engine V.

* Sound fonts sf2 usage is implemented for high quality playback.

* 1/128 duration.

* Auto-calculation of measures* duration to its notes, when the Time Signature of a composition is not set.

* Formation of notes was changed. Now MagicScore School 6 provides a new level of music score quality.

* The Liga addition was changed by splitting to Slur or Tie.

* Now you can change left and right margins for every page automatically. This option is very useful for music book and brochure creation.

* Time Signature placement in the middle and the end of a measure.

* Empty staves auto-hide option for the MIDI file import function.

* A tremolo width and rotation changing option.

* Notes beam movement.

* Systems interval changed.

* Triplet styles were added.

* Beam number of notes management.

* Tools panels* rotation to the vertical position.

* Split point on recording for two hands.

* Using the Key Signature of the composition in Grace notes.

* Offset properties for Key Signature, Clef, etc..

MagicScore Note is wonderful music notation and music writing software, offering the most advanced capabilities for music schools, students, teachers and music lovers.

Information about file: Name: Portable MagicScore Note

Version: 7.084

Year: 2010

Interface: English

OS: Windows* 2000/XP/Vista/7

crack: present

Size: 15.12 mb