Download key generator for LizardSystems Remote Shutdown v4.6.0 Build 63-P2P

Remote Shutdown was developed to help network administrators and IT specialists centrally manage power for computers and computer groups on a local area network. Using this tool, network administrators can carry out bulk shutdown, bulk restart remotely for selected computers or groups.
* Allows system administrators to simplify remote shutdown, remote reboot for single computers or computer groups on their LAN.
* Custom groups. Users can independently create their own computer groups and carry out power operations on these groups.
* Perform power management operations on all machines at once. Tasks are carried out simultaneously on all computers selected by the user, significantly reducing the time taken to perform operations individually on all machines.
* Works on domain and workgroups. The application can work with computers in a domain or workgroup.
* Power management tasks recorded in a log. Users see operation progress for each computer and the status of operations performed.